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Competition Summary

Rules by event

  1. Team composition: Three(3) athletes plus one(1) substitute
  2. Combined weight divisions: Children Ⅳ and JuniorⅠ with classification by gender
  3. Method of Competition: All 3 athletes must complete for one minute each for the first half of the competition. The substitute may replace during the 2nd half competing for 2 minutes each.
  4. Duration of competition: Three(3) minutes with one(1) minute’s contest of each athlete. After one(1) minute’s break, the second half competition shall proceed.
    In case of the 4th golden round, the first athlete scoring more than two(2) points, or when the opponent receives two “Gam-jeoms”, shall be declared the winner.
  5. Substitution of athletes
    1. The 1st half contest: 3 minutes competition by 3 athletes as shown in the submitted order regardless of weight categories with one minute’s contest of each athlete. When an athlete is knocked down(KO), ten(10) points shall be awarded to the opponent. The downed athlete shall be immediately substituted to proceed the contest.
    2. The 2nd half contest: Allow to free substitution of athletes in accordance with the signals of the manager or coach. The substituted athlete shall be substituted after display of the contest techniques more than three(3) times. Simultaneous substitution of the two teams is not allowed.
    3. Procedure for substitution: The athlete to be substituted shall wait outer of the Boundary
  6. Lose by “Gam-jeom” : When a team receives 20 Gam-jeom, the referee shall declare the team as loser.
  7. Win by large score: In case one team gets 70 points first, the team shall be declared the winner.
  8. Golden round: In case of a tie, the team captains from each team shall complete, and the first athlete scoring more than two(2) points, or when the opponent receives two “Gam-jeoms” in the 4th golden round, shall be declared the winner.
  9. Five(5) Seconds Rule: When the both athletes show no intention to attack for 5 seconds, the referee shall declare “Gam-jeom” after hand signal of “Fight”.
  10. ● The participants bring their own personal protective equipments.
    (Head gear, groin guard, forearm-shin guards, mouth piece etc.)
Children Ⅱ Children Ⅲ Children Ⅳ Junior Ⅰ
2012-2011 2010-2009 2008-2007 2006-2004
Combine Combine Male Female Male Female
Fin Under 23㎏ Under 28㎏ Under 32㎏ Under 30㎏ Under 41㎏ Under 40㎏
Fly 23~25㎏ 28~30㎏ 32~34㎏ 30~32㎏ 41~45㎏ 40~43㎏
Bantam 25~27㎏ 30~32㎏ 34~36㎏ 32~34㎏ 45~49㎏ 43~46㎏
Feather 27~29㎏ 32~34㎏ 36~39㎏ 34~37㎏ 49~53㎏ 46~49㎏
Light 29~31㎏ 34~36㎏ 39~42㎏ 37~40㎏ 53~57㎏ 49~52㎏
L-Welter 42~45㎏ 40~43㎏ 57~61㎏ 52~55㎏
Welter 31~33㎏ 36~39㎏ 45~49㎏ 43~47㎏ 61~65㎏ 55~58㎏
L-Middle 49~53㎏ 47~51㎏ 65~69㎏ 58~62㎏
Middle 33~35㎏ 39~42㎏ 53~57㎏ 51~55㎏ 69~73㎏ 62~66㎏
L-Heavy 57~61㎏ 55~59㎏ 73~77㎏ 66~70㎏
Heavy Over 35㎏ Over 42㎏ Over 61㎏ Over 59㎏ Over 77㎏ Over 70㎏
  1. Divisions of foreigners and koreans
  2. 3 rounds of 1 minute with 30 seconds rest
  3. Weight-in will be conducted at 11:00 A.M. on the day before the competition.
  4. Divided into player registrant (A) and unregistered player (B). Group A uses an electronic hogu and electronic headgear DAEDO.
  5. Round 4 (Golden Point Round) is 1 minute for 1 round.
  6. If a player is penalized for a penalty, the opponent will be given a 10-second adventure time, and will be doubled for the score.
  7. Face, arm, leg protector, mouthpiece and all protector are prepared by the individual
Division Age Limit Preliminary Semi-Final Final
INDIVIDUAL Children Ⅰ After 2013 Taegeuk 1,2 Jang Taegeuk 2 Jang Taegeuk 3 Jang
Children Ⅱ 2012-2011 Taegeuk 2,3 Jang Taegeuk 4 Jang Taegeuk 5 Jang
Children Ⅲ 2010-2009 Taegeuk 3,4 Jang Taegeuk 5 Jang Taegeuk 8 Jang
Children Ⅳ 2008-2007 Taegeuk 6,7 Jang Taegeuk 8 Jang Koryo
Junior Ⅰ 2006-2004 Taegeuk 7,8 Jang Koryo Keumkang
PAIR Children Ⅱ 2012-2007 Taegeuk 2,4 Jang Taegeuk 6 Jang Koryo
Children Ⅳ
TEAM Junior Ⅰ 2006-2004 Taegeuk 7,8 Jang Koryo Keumkang
  1. Tounament system
  2. 30 seconds to 90 seconds
  3. Individual 1 person, Pair 2 persons(Male, Female), Team with 3persons(Mixed gender) 2 desiqnated Poomsae in preliminary contests and 1 desiqnated poomsae in semi-final
  4. Group competition can be performed by men, women, or mixed.
  • Cut-off system
  • 1 minute 40 seconds to the maximum 2 minutes
  • The top is free choice, pants is Dobok with belt
  • The number of athletes: 6 persons to maximum 10
  • A. Each team must perform together following movements except Akeurobatik ones with 3 times formation change.
    1. 2 times Geodeup Yeopchagi.
    2. 2 times running Yeopchagi.
    3. 2 times Dwi Huryeochagi.
    4. 2 times Akeurobatik movements.
    5. Hand movements should be organized by the taekwondo basic techniques.
    6. Kicking shall be taekwondo kicking techniques.
    7. Music CD shall be submitted at Head of Team Meeting or before the contest.
  • B. Scoring Criteria for Poomsae: Scores not stated on the scoring paper will be regarded as basic point.
    1. Accuracy (4.0 points)
      • Movement accuracy(2.0): Accuracy of taekwondo movements.
      • Movement of designated techniques(2.0): Movement of designated techniques prescribed in the competition rules.
    2. Presentation (6.0 points)
      • Proficiency(2.0): Hamony of rhythm and movements
      • Expression(2.0): Hamony of powerful expression and music
      • Creativity(2.0): Creative presentation and artistry
  • C. Penalties
    1. Penalties shall be prescribed as Kyong-go, Gam-jeom, disqualification
      1. One Kyong-go shall be counted as –0.5
      2. Two Kyong-gos shall be counted as minus 1 point as 1 time of Gam-jeom
      3. One Gam-jeom shall be counted as -1.0
    2. In case of the following prohibited acts, Kyongo and Gam-jeom shall be declared
      1. Uttering undesirable remarks or any misconduct
      2. Interrupting the proceedings of the refereeing officials during displaying the contest
      3. In case of exceeding the prescribed time limit or time shortage than the prescribed one, 0.3 points per every 10 seconds shall be deducted from the final points.
      4. In case of exceeding the prescribed number of members or shortage than the prescribed ones, 10 points per one person shall be deducted from the final points.
      5. In case of no presentation of the designated techniques, 1 point per one technique shall be deducted from the final points.
      6. In case of crossing the boundary line of the contest area, 0.3 points shall be deducted from the final points.
      7. When the list of participants is different from that of contestants in the entry application, the pertinent team shall be disqualified.
      8. Disqualified if you do not wear the prescribed uniform
  • D. Judgement of contest
    1. Those teams or athletes getting the highest scores shall be the winners
    2. In case of a tie score, the higher scored team or athlete in comparison with the scores of the highest point plus the lowest one shall be the winner
    3. In case of a still tie, one time of re-contest shall be conducted.
    4. In the event of still tie in spite of application of the above guideline, the two teams or athletes shall be regarded as co-winners.
  • Competition method:
    • Individual – one group with 4 athletes
    • Team – one group with 4 teams
  • Time: One minute
  • Participants:
    • Individual contest – 1 athlete
    • Team contest – 5 members (3 players, 2 parents)
  • General rules:
    • Individual contest: The most kicking numbers in 3 rounds of 20 seconds each with 10 seconds of rest between rounds. The ranking will be publicized on the scoreboard.
    • Team contest: The most kicking numbers in 2 minutes in order of athlete, parent, athlete and next parent.