Kukkiwon or WT certificate holder or Taekwondo trainee ( collar belt )

Poomsae Contest

Official Poomsae refers to Poomsae established and implemented by Kukkiwon.
It is divided into a paid person (color belt) and a gift terminal.
○ Match method
Individual match- (1 group of 8) Competition
Pairs / Groups – Cut-off matches
※ In the pair/Group event, only individual participants can participate.
○ Game duration
within 90 seconds
○ Attire
Approved uniforms, colored uniforms, and WT approved uniforms are allowed
○ Number of participants
1 individual, 2 pairs (male, female), 3 Group (men and women are allowed)
○ Points Criteria
Accuracy (Basic motion, each Poomsae fine movements, balance) – 40 points
Expressiveness (speed and power, harmony [strong, slow, rhythm], expression of energy) – 60 points

Designated poomsae by category

※ Only individual contestants can participate.


1. When the list of entries and the list of contestants are different
2. Out of regulation When not wearing a uniform

Judgment of the game

• Poomsae – individual, group, pair
• Judges are composed of 3 judges.
• The ranking is determined by the sum of the average scores excluding the highest and lowest scores for each item scored by 3 judges.
• If the average score is tied, the ranking is determined by the sum of the highest and lowest scores.
• In case of a tie in the total score, the highest score is given in the order of proficiency, expressiveness, and accuracy.
• If there is a tie in the average score, total score, proficiency, expressiveness, and accuracy, the match will be replayed.
※ The rematch is decided by demonstrating one poomsae.
※ However, the above information may be changed at the representative meeting.