Kukkiwon or WT certificate holder or Taekwondo trainee ( collar belt )

Personal Break (Power)

Hand blade breaking follows the description of the hand blade in the Taekwondo textbook issued by Kukkiwon, and a breaking table with a certain height.
It refers to a breaking technique that strikes down the breaking object installed in the upright.
○ Match method
Group cut-off match
Game time
within 20 seconds
Approved uniforms, colored uniforms, and WT approved uniforms are allowed
Required skill
Hand blade
Breaking water
Broken bricks Children ( Elementary )- 20cm+7cm+1.5cm
Song board Cardet (middle school) or higher – 30cm+11cm+1.8cm
1. Athletes must apply for the purchase of breaking objects at their own discretion while waiting for the competition.
2. Breaking objects are determined by the Organizing Committee.
3. Competitors may place protection provided by the Organizing Committee on the breaking target to prevent injury. However, no guards may be attached to the players’ hand blades and wrists.
4. Hand-breaking must be broken using the front part of the wrist starting from the side of the first knuckle of the little finger.
5. In principle, breaking is done once, and breaking must be done within 20 seconds after the command to start breaking.
6. The time to build breaking objects cannot exceed 1 minute, and the width of the support for placing breaking objects cannot be arbitrarily adjusted.
7. The breaker must break while facing the referee.
8. You cannot move even one step to defeat.
○ Breaking technique
The dropping of the stepping foot from the ground is an applied technique.
○ Penalties (warning, deduction, disqualification)
1. The penalty is declared by the referee.
2. Penalties include warning, deduction, and disqualification.
go. One warning is worth -0.5 points.
me. Two warnings equal one deduction.
all. One deduction is -1.0 point, and 1.0 deduction is equal to one breaking object.
3. Warning
go. In case of intentionally interfering words and actions while defeating others
me. In the case of interfering with the referee and moderators during the contest
4. Deduction
go. In the preliminary action for breaking, the blade of the hand If it is judged that the breaking object has been damaged by touching the breaking object
me. Even if it is a minor act, if the same act is committed again after the warning declaration or the act is intentionally repeated severely
all. Violation of obligations
5. Penalty points are deducted from the final score.
6. Disqualification
go. If any part of the body above the knees touches the floor after breaking (knees are allowed)
me. When defeated using only the wrist
all. In case of breaking with a flat fist or melon fist erected at the time of breaking
la. When defeated through cheating
○ Contest Judgment
1. If all referees do not raise any questions about the breaking process after completion of breaking, check the breaking quantity. However, if even one referee raises an issue, a video review will be conducted.
2. The player with the most broken objects is the winner.
3. If the number of broken targets is the same, priority will be given to the contestant with the largest number of applications.
4. If there is a tie even after applying the application quantity, the athlete with the lowest weight is the winner.
※ However, the above information may be changed at the representative meeting.

Technical Break (Group event)

○ Game method
Cut-off game
○ Duration
within 5 minutes and 10 seconds
○ Attire
Approved uniforms, colored uniforms, and WT approved uniforms are allowed
○ Number of people
7~15 people
○ Required skills
group dance, breaking
○ Breaking water
Pine board (0.9cm~1.2cm)
○ Obligations
1. Breaking objects are determined by the Organizing Committee.
2. The contest must be held within 5 minutes and 10 seconds after the command “start”
3. The order of the game can be freely implemented.
○ Scoring Criteria
1. Group dance (30): basic skills, consistency, composition
2. Breaking (60): skill difficulty, completeness, composition
3. Composition (10): Composition of the entire Group
○ Deduction
1. In case of overtime, 5 points are deducted for every 5 seconds (-5 points)
2. 3 points will be deducted for each person who falls short of or exceeds the specified number. (-3 points)
○ disqualification
1. If the list of participants differs from the list of participants in the application form
In case of cheating to ensure successful breaking with the breaking objects provided by the Organizing Committee
○ Contest Judgment
1. In case of a tie in the final score, the Group with the higher breaking score will be decided.
In case of a tie in 1), the Group with the highest group performance score will be decided.
In case of a tie in 2), it is a joint championship.
※ However, the above information may be changed at the representative meeting.