Kukkiwon or WT certificate holder or Taekwondo trainee ( collar belt )

Taekwondo Gymnastics

○ Game method
Cut-off game
○ Game duration
1 minute 40 seconds or more and 2 minutes or less
○ Attire
Free attire (Make-up and tools can be used and do not affect the score)
○ Number of people
6 to 10 people
○ How to play
A gymnastics-type series of Taekwondo movements composed in various ways to music, expressing the accuracy of movements(technical value of Taekwondo movements, the sameness of movements, accuracy of technology) and artistry (harmony with music, originality, diversity of movements)
○ Scoring method
– Accuracy: Movement accuracy (20 points) and technical movement (20 points)
– Artistry: Combination of music and motion (30 points), diversity and creativity of motion (30 points).
○ Penalties (warning, deduction, disqualification)
1. One warning is worth -0.5 points.
2. Two warnings equal one deduction.
3. One deduction is -1 point.
4. Warnings and deductions are given for the following actions.
(a) When he said or did something undesirable.
(b) When he interferes with the progress of the judges and moderators during the contest.
(c) If the competition time is below or exceeded, 3 points will be deducted from the final score every 10 seconds.
(d) If the number of participants falls short of or exceeds the number of participants, 1point per person will be deducted from the final score.
(e) If a contestant crosses the boundaries of the competition area, 3 points will be deducted from the final score.
5. Any of the following acts will result in disqualification. When the list of entries and the list of contestants are different
○ Contest Judgment
1. The Group with the higher final score is the winner
2. If the final score is tied, the best and worst scores are added and the Group with the highest score is ranked higher.
3. If there is a tie after applying paragraph 2), the contest will be re-contested once.
4. In the event of a tie after the re-competition, even after applying 1) and 2), it will gradually become a joint championship.
※ However, the above information may be changed at the representative meeting.